The Question is…

The Question is… What and how to go about once this lock down ends? It could be either on the already proposed date, or could be extended too. We have to be mentally prepared for both these situations. Because some day or the other it has to end, and we will have to go back to living our routine lives. But while we prepare to do so, ensure to make adjustments that we learned through this lockdown. Follow the few norms and living patterns and inculcate them on daily basis. The only possible way to avoid what could be the second shockwave of the virus, which in time could affect much more than it did and is doing currently. 

  • Practice social distancing, especially if you’re sick at the slightest or just common cold. 
  • Do not go partying or to large gatherings immediately as the lockdown ends, avoid going to crowded places unnecessarily. Now for a city like Mumbai, our daily commute is a social gathering. I understand we cannot maintain the distance, so do like the Japanese do.
  • Wear the use and throw masks at all times while you travel. It will not only help contain your inbuilt bacterias from spreading but also keep you away from pollution as much as possible. 
  • Go back to our indian patterns of greeting, by joining your hands together and wishing “Namaste” instead of shaking hands. 
  • Use sanitisers as much as possible, especially after you’ve touched some object, after shaking hands or before you’re about to eat. 
  • Avoid touching your face, eyes and always use a handkerchief or sneeze /cough in your elbow not palm of your hands. Cover your mouths. 

And many more such basic points that we are bound to forget once we’re back out drowned in our busy schedules. But we have to remember and follow them as much as possible or we could be affected very badly in large numbers that cannot be contained. Especially for those living in the now high alert wards, or hotspots declared by the government due to the positive cases found, stay even safer and FOLLOW the above points and much more. Keep your interactions at bare minimum and necessary. And remember to always, Spread awareness not Rumours. Along with taking care of ourselves, it is also necessary to look after the earth and nature around us. Take this as our second chance to rectify the mistakes we’ve been doing in terms of environmental damages. Plant more trees, stop littering around, use your own vehicles as less as possible on a daily basis to avoid air and noise pollution. And all the other points the environmentalists have been talking about for years now. It is time to give it a thought and implement it for our own betterment.

Stay Safe, Stay Alert & Stay Informed

What is L.I.F.E?

Life is strange, it’s weird, imperfect, and definitely not what we thought it would be. Because if it would be exactly how we thought it would be, then that would be a movie. As children we create this perfect illusion of how we want our life to be. I Remember when i was a kid, i had planned how my life would be – after my 10th i would get into college have fun, study, party, live free. Finish college and head for a degree, again enjoy , study, party, graduate and by the time i was 21 i would have a great job, at 25 own a house, have an amazing partner. Sounds perfect right? Just like any reel life. And now that i am around that age, i see my plans no where! Haha! But that is okay! I am just settling in with a job, and that’s not bad. But this also doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have guidelines to where you wanna be. It is not always rainbows and sunshines, there comes along storms and tornadoes, your life even feels like it’s completely disrupted. But it’s not. It is just a phase of living. And in that life you have people too. Some come around in your happiest times, play their part and exit, some come in your lowest times, play their part and leave. And there are some people that come and stay around the longest. And that is okay, accept that every individual in your life plays a part meant for them. Some teach you lessons that break you but build you stronger, and some are around supporting you, encouraging you to be a better version of yourself every day! So with a warm heart welcome everyone, those who stick around, as well as those who leave because their part in your life has ended. We wonder, what did we do to get such a life? We wonder if we are living correctly. There is no “way” of living life. Every way you choose to live is your way of living. Learn to be happy with the least and accept, be grateful for even being alive each day, living through life good or bad. We humans have this crazy habit of cribbing about the littlest things in life; it could be work related, personal life, love life, or just life in general. Stop asking the questions of , what is life? Is this how i am living called life? The answer to all these questions is a simple YES! Be grateful for even having a life. At moments when you least expect you could be showered with unexpected moments you cherish a life time. Look at life positively, live thinking about nothing but good thoughts. Wish good to all, especially to those who have done bad to you. Be kind in the littlest ways, especially to people who come across on your daily commute; be it your rickshaw or cab driver, office janitors, Service staff. Etc. Life is all about giving and accepting, being grateful for everything you have. Our life is too precious to let it just go, to bow down to certain harmful thoughts or diseases that want to disrupt our living. Life is much more than just earning and surviving, it is about Living, learning, experiencing. We surely encounter some temporary setbacks, that doesn’t mean it’s the end. It is just the end of a book, the new book is blank and about to begin. Be prepared as to how you want to write your LIFE. Don’t let small speed breakers break you down. Get Up and Live it through. But also, don’t forget to Pause for a moment and Breathe! Because life is just not about Living, But also Creating! 

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Is the Outbreak, Breaking Us?

China : 81K+ 

Italy : 59K+ 

USA : 35K+ 

Spain : 29K+ 

and the Numbers go on as the pandemic spreads through countries. While India is just entering stage 3 with 400+ cases, the fear is spreading as the numbers continue to increase.Even though with the increased cases, the graph has begun to go down, as there are recoveries coming through which is a really good sign. Every day we wake up, turn the news channel on, or receive messages stating details about the spread increasing and new cases adding up to existing one’s. 

Now the times have come where we are stuck at our own homes, scared to even step out. Scared by not the terror of cruel people, world war, or any political issues, but innocent man kind. It seems like we’re reliving The Hitler’s Phase in the modern age all over again. We’re not scared of anything else but our own kind, human beings. The fear of being touched by a simple handshake that could possibly spread the transmission of coronavirus. The situation right now has changed one’s way of living, of seeing life, overnight. We have now realised that all that we had, all that we were chasing; work, lifestyle is all just temporary, where as life and family are permanent. We also realised that all the differences we had with other countries, that created such unpleasant environments between the political rulers and citizens were all just temporary too. Now we all stand united as ONE earth, one Kind, helping each other in any way possible to get through this pandemic. It is shocking to see how, this virus has disrupted the living, the cities that worked and stayed awake 24×7 are now come to a complete standstill. The Covid-19 Has thus been declared as an SOS & Global Issue by the World Health Organisation (WHO). We yet don’t know, how long this is going to take to go away, could be days, weeks or even months. But through this we need to be positive, do all it takes to help make the eradication easier, not only for our selves but everyone around us. We need to respect animals even more, because see the facts, they cannot transmit this little yet deadly disease and are freely roaming around while we are the one’s caged. We also need to LIVE, love our life, be grateful for being alive and for waking up each day to see a new day. In times like these we don’t even know if we would live to see another tomorrow. We need to respect even more those who are working on sanitising the places out and about like trains, buses, streets, while we are sitting in the comfort of our houses. They deserve as much appreciation as those doctors, nurses, emergency staff, who are continuously working on the front lines to deal with affected patients. As Citizens now, it is our due Responsibility, to do all that we are asked to do. The Government of India was forced to take the harsh decision of shutting the states down for our own safety, because it is the only way to control the spread. It is time to get real serious about this issue while we are still just within 500 cases and Pause our lives temporarily, if we want to even have a life Tomorrow! 

Let us Pledge ourselves that as responsible citizens of our country, we will adhere by all the rules and regulations put forth by the government for our health & safety. Let us pledge that we will fight together against the spread by staying indoors and carrying out all the preventive measures correctly. And finally, ask yourself this question – Should we let this Outbreak of Pandemic break us too? 

  • Stay Home, Stay Safe, Avoid Unnecessary Contact with other people and Stop the Spread of Coronavirus • 

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Once Bruised, Twice as Strong – The torture she lived and Survived, Came out as strong as a Warrior.

The night is dark and darker was his soul

compelled by pure hatred and flushed with revenge,

aimed to hurt and make the weak suffer

his laugh was evil, eyes lustrous

and mind full of wicked thoughts.

He was the man all feared,

a nightmare to the big and bad dream to a kid.

He feared nothing, no human no God,

he was inhuman, insane and dark.

I remember my cries like it was just yesterday,

“Help me!”, i yelled for days to go

but to my despair, nobody ever heard.

Today I’m free, happy and safe,

While he has been imprisoned & sentenced to death,

he who was my worst nightmare once,

Is now the chapter closed in my old thrown book.

A tear drops, my heart stops

the numbness fades and thoughts wander,

my broken heart is now a mess

of the past scars that he ever left.

The pain was gone, his torture had now ended,

but the scars of the past remained deep and Untouched.

A hope of goodness escaped my shadows,

I was now a grown up girl.

My bruises have now physically healed

but my mind is yet a shattered mess.

“Hey why’d you stop, what were you thinking?” Her best friend asked.

She closed her Diary and smiled back saying,

“i was taken aback thinking of,

how much I’ve grown and how

all the scars he left have now vanished in thin air.”

Just a mess? Oh C’mon You are Strong! ;)

There always comes a time,when you’re just tired of things and waiting to just leave it there and move away. To another life where you make yourself so busy to even think about what you’ve left behind. It’s difficult to focus on several things happening around you, because we all aim and want to be “perfect”. While we also understand that it’s nearly impossible to be a 200/100 or even a 💯. You are always a maximum of 95/100 .. we all also have a mean-girls phase (if you get it :p ) anyways, why has maintaining relationships, friendships or anything of sort become a task? Our Mommy daddy’s did not find it difficult. But today we chase money, we chase a social life over a personal life. But sometimes it also gets difficult when the other person wants something way different from you.

Life is a CONSTANT ride on a roller coaster. You cannot always be on the top or at the bottom. You will go through the twists and turns. This experience itself has so much to teach, accept the positiveness it gives out and learn.

hen you feel like everything is over? Hold that thought! Because the real chase has just begun! There is no happily ever after! Damn you are not in a movie with Sexy ass Guys/Girls fighting for you. Sure your so built castle has crumbled for whatsoever reasons. What do you do now? Sit and cry or Rebuild an entire Empire. Hell yes! Rebuild your pride with stronger shields. You need nobody to treat you like a King/Queen! You are your own damn Royal! Inhale the Positive Vibes and life is a Bliss.

Long days go a long way.

And just when you wake up and feel you will have the best day ahead, with no problems and no downfalls, you begin to realise you are wrong. Because if you are a normal human being leading a commoner life, you can never have a day with no problems. And what do you do about the problems? Cry over it? No! If you have been doing that all this while, you better stop right there and right now. Think about your problem is what you really do. Try to find out all the possible solutions to it, and do not stop just on one solution. Find alternatives and backups if things don't work. And that is how you grow.
That is just how you become a successful person in life. Don't feel afraid or ashamed to talk to someone you believe and trust. When i say a long day goes a long way, i mean that no successful human has just become what they are in a click or without facing downfalls and rejection. It is basically how you react and deal with the negatives.
Stay strong with your heads high. Competition is all around you. Sleazy People wanting to pull you down, while they step up your head and walk above. Playing it wicked and evil to get what they want. But believe me my friend when i say they will reach no where. It is possible at that time everything with them is just perfect, but there will be a time when they come crashing down and you, who played fair all the while will be soaring high in the sky.

This world is a nasty place

Where every one is playing their ace,

Every human trying their game

All for the money and fame.

Be careful my dearest friend

The purest heart has no end,

For the wicked human will show it's face

The evil soul will for sure fail the race.

Don't bother for the one's who leave

There is nothing about them for you to grieve,

Stay strong and play your game

It shall all end and there'll be no more pain.

Jumbled Thoughts

Nobody is too Busy. 

You can do absolutely nothing and yet be busy.  Also, You can be the most busiest and yet have time for all that you care, for all that you prioritise. It’s more than strange when you don’t even give a little about time to the people you once said you loved. “I’m Busy” is a mere statement to avoid certain things or people. Sometimes you have to make the time to maintain relationships that mean everything to you.  What are the pleasures if you have everything you deserve yet nothing you desire. 

How many times have we made time for the people we really love and want to be with? You can spend days in and out with the same people achieving the goals of your life. But what sense would it make if you had nobody to share it with? It is that kind of people that are loved who say, “I’m busy, but never too busy to share a few minutes with you”. Well, who don’t love such people? Who understand and balance their life and responsibilities. 

“Life is Short to Spend most of it avoiding people with excuses. Live, make time and understand what and who are important”

“Love the people who Care for you and Care for the people who Love you”

Favour people of such kind and understand that no matter how “Busy” you are, always make a little time for the people you really love, you really care about. And that is how you balance and maintain love, life, friendship as well as work. Because at the end, Nobody is Too busy, it’s all about balance and priorities. 

Don’t ever regret, it’s just Lessons Learned

It’s strange When you give people all the importance, Be there for them always and any time. But they don’t appreciate. They’re happy in their life, and They just needed you for a specific time. They don’t think about you as much as you do, That’s when your importance in their life is gone

Being taken advantage off, being misunderstood ,Being over reacted to. Strange that once when they had nothing but you and then suddenly they have everything and you? You’re no more required. No matter how much ever one says, that They will be there for you, It’s completely your choice, to believe in them. 

And hey, when you need them? they’ve disappeared like you never existed in their life. It’s Strange to feel strange. Because at the end you’re back to that part where You are just with nobody else but yourself. When you Trusted too quick, and trusted the wrong. 

“Always be the kindest friend, trustworthy and Caring person. No matter how much evil the world is, don’t change your identity of being good to the bad” 

Because, It doesn’t hurt to be deprived, it hurts to know they didn’t care the way they showed.  Well it’s after all human nature that, just like they forget people in their past, you’ve been forgotten too. Special place, different bond, most different relationship? Don’t bother, it’s all gonna be just the same like the rest. 

And well well,  don’t be surprised, Don’t feel mesmerised, They’re all just the same It’s only different bodies. Because at the end they’re all humans too.. And there will be one day, when someone will walk into your life and change this perspective. When that person will stay by your side no matter how much of a reck you may be. Because at the end they truly care about relationships above everything else. So wait patiently for the right person and keep walking over the wrong with your heads held high. 

Diamonds in the world of Stones – Friends / Best Friend. 

A Friend is someone who stands by you no matter what a mess you are. The one who plays along with all your stupid acts. Understands what you mean to say even by the means of eye communication. A True soul who manages their life not letting any human come between the two. If asked, every human has their own perspective of a true friend, of a best friend. And while they speak they potray or think about the person in their lives who have impacted them. 

Not everyone is as lucky to have the best of friends. But lucky are the ones who have their best friends and boyfriends or girlfriends as one – this has been read so many times. Isn’t it? Well i also believe that it is not wrong to have another best friend apart from your better half. It could be a boy or a girl. Doesn’t matter as long as they feel the same about you. 

“Friendship is the Love that no other human apart from the two involved Understand” 

What if you happen to some day loose that special one? That best friend? You feel like your life is over and you cannot trust anyone else. For no matter what reasons. But hey, look at the side where you need to live and move on. Definetly you feel devastated. But maybe that person has just finished their part in your life. 

Doesn’t mean you have to stop believing people. You may come across some one else worth that place in your life. Who will stay as long as the ends of the earth. The one who doesn’t make false promises and who is for real just one call away when you need them. They understand you like nobody else. Give every person who walks into your life a chance. You are a beautiful person who is not afraid of hiding your flaws because you know nobody is perfect. But you also know to stay with the person who just accepts you and doesn’t leave you strangling in thoughts in the middle of no where. 

Your true Best friend will be right there when you need them time in and time out. No matter how cranky you get they will act cranky and stubborn yet not leave you or ignore your existence. Such people are true Diamonds, in the world of Stones covered as diamonds. 

“Treasure them for you never know, how extinct they Become” 

Life As we Know. 

“What is LIFE?” – He asked her. She replied,

“Lies, broken promises, unrealistic expectations 

Why do you go through this? 

Have you ever thought? 

When you have nothing but love, 

When you have nothing but time

And you give it all away. 

When you see the good and ignore the bad

When you fight to be positive, 

In a negative world. 

When your head is unstable 

And heart is bruised innumerable times. 

When you rise after you’ve fallen. 

When you lift your head up

In pride and self respect.

And when you Learn 

How to smile hiding your pain, 

Your tears and your wounds. 

That’s when you learn to live. 

That is LIFE.”