Educational Barriers

I have been coming across plenty of articles on the issues faced by students, especially those in rural areas and their struggle to gain a proper education. I wouldn’t say that this issue is new because it has been persistent over the years. Unfortunately due to the COVID pandemic, those problems have seemed to worsen. With schools and local teachings shifted to the online medium of education, a huge chunk of students are being deprived of it due to either the lack of smartphones or the internet. In my recent interaction with a very Kind human, who loves teaching so much that she began YouTube and ensures students get the quality education they require. But again it takes me back to thinking about those little kids who are not introduced or not able to gain access to such content due to the lack of devices and internet connections.

Reading about kids who love to study so much that they even climb up trees just for that little internet connection they could receive. It makes me happy to see their love, dedication and efforts, but at the same time breaks my heart to see their struggle and the dangerous activities they have to undergo for their rights to education. This COVID situation has made us all take a step back and think about what we have been doing through the years and how we have used advancements and technology. Sometimes it’s not only the students, there are also teachers who are careless, who don’t value or respect their job, especially in the government schools. This is another major reason why kids lack in receiving a quality education. But Hey, There are people and NGO’s working towards such causes, with a mission to reach as many students as well as teachers as possible.

Here are 10 of the greatest challenges in global education that the world needs to take action on right now to achieve the Global Goal: Quality Education by 2030. 

1. A lack of funding for education

2. Having no teacher, or having an untrained teacher

3. No classroom

4. A lack of learning materials

5. The exclusion of children with disabilities

6. Being the ‘wrong’ gender

7. Living in a country in conflict or at risk of conflict

8. Distance from home to school

9. Hunger and poor nutrition

10. The expense of education

Source of the above points: Read In Detail

Most of us have been privileged enough to get the best of education. Now it is our duty to give it back to those kids who deserve it but are denied due to various reasons. Let us all do our bit in any way possible. If you know anyone already working towards such causes or institutes / NGO’s working for the same, support them in ways you can. small ways like volunteering or maybe even donating if you can. Let’s improve the education system and provide quality education to as many as possible.

What is L.I.F.E?

Life is strange, it’s weird, imperfect, and definitely not what we thought it would be. Because if it would be exactly how we thought it would be, then that would be a movie. As children we create this perfect illusion of how we want our life to be. I Remember when i was a kid, i had planned how my life would be – after my 10th i would get into college have fun, study, party, live free. Finish college and head for a degree, again enjoy , study, party, graduate and by the time i was 21 i would have a great job, at 25 own a house, have an amazing partner. Sounds perfect right? Just like any reel life. And now that i am around that age, i see my plans no where! Haha! But that is okay! I am just settling in with a job, and that’s not bad. But this also doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have guidelines to where you wanna be. It is not always rainbows and sunshines, there comes along storms and tornadoes, your life even feels like it’s completely disrupted. But it’s not. It is just a phase of living. And in that life you have people too. Some come around in your happiest times, play their part and exit, some come in your lowest times, play their part and leave. And there are some people that come and stay around the longest. And that is okay, accept that every individual in your life plays a part meant for them. Some teach you lessons that break you but build you stronger, and some are around supporting you, encouraging you to be a better version of yourself every day! So with a warm heart welcome everyone, those who stick around, as well as those who leave because their part in your life has ended. We wonder, what did we do to get such a life? We wonder if we are living correctly. There is no “way” of living life. Every way you choose to live is your way of living. Learn to be happy with the least and accept, be grateful for even being alive each day, living through life good or bad. We humans have this crazy habit of cribbing about the littlest things in life; it could be work related, personal life, love life, or just life in general. Stop asking the questions of , what is life? Is this how i am living called life? The answer to all these questions is a simple YES! Be grateful for even having a life. At moments when you least expect you could be showered with unexpected moments you cherish a life time. Look at life positively, live thinking about nothing but good thoughts. Wish good to all, especially to those who have done bad to you. Be kind in the littlest ways, especially to people who come across on your daily commute; be it your rickshaw or cab driver, office janitors, Service staff. Etc. Life is all about giving and accepting, being grateful for everything you have. Our life is too precious to let it just go, to bow down to certain harmful thoughts or diseases that want to disrupt our living. Life is much more than just earning and surviving, it is about Living, learning, experiencing. We surely encounter some temporary setbacks, that doesn’t mean it’s the end. It is just the end of a book, the new book is blank and about to begin. Be prepared as to how you want to write your LIFE. Don’t let small speed breakers break you down. Get Up and Live it through. But also, don’t forget to Pause for a moment and Breathe! Because life is just not about Living, But also Creating! 

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