Three ‘Out Of Style’ bags that you should avoid

Everyone loves bags, be it purses for ladies or backpacks for men and teens. We love following the trends and jumping on the wagon of what’s new. The love for luxurious bags like Chanel, Gucci, YSL and all the other top brands. But have you ever wondered about the house brand (self-made) bags we own? The bags that we live with for years and often carry it around, although they are out of style and should be avoided at all costs. The bag that we somehow cannot get rid off easily. The ones that at times even costs’ us our peace and sanity. These bags are ugly, old fashioned and make you look bad. So here are the three common bags that we always hold on to maybe because we’re either too comfortable or succumbed to its look, or just afraid of being judged. Bags that are so heavy that you don’t realise its weight until you let it go. 

The Bag of Regrets

Regretting either the things you’ve done or things you did not do. It’s normal for us to look behind and regret certain decisions, but when we decide to move forward, we should also ensure to leave that baggage in the past. Carrying it forward is only going to stop you from achieving your goals. Carrying it forward only adds to your weight and pushes you down every time that you want to move forward.

The Bag of Pain

One of the most heaviest baggage is Pain, no matter what kind. Holding onto the past failures is only going to hurt you more. Leave the failures and take the lessons, leave the pain and move forward. Carrying the baggage of pain is only going to close your doors, when you should be opening them wide to opportunities coming your way. Don’t let your past failures and losses define how you want to be in the present and future.

The Bag of Self-Doubt

The most common bag seen amongst people now a days is the bag of self-doubt. Especially after you’ve failed in the past you begin to doubt yourself and your capabilities even more. Your confidence is crushed and you feel like whatever you will do, is going to be wrong. This bag of self-doubt is the bag that weighs you down completely, not letting you take the chances you deserve. Let go of this bag, let confidence take over. Don’t seek for approvals or validation. Follow the path you want leaving all the weight that’s pulling you backwards.

So Jump on the wagon of trends and pick up bags that are filled with positivity, confidence and strength. That lighten the weight and help you move around looking like a trend-setter. Bags that not only look good but also make you feel more confident and strong.

“ You cannot achieve your full potential if you’ve got a firm grip on these heavy bags weighing you down, so it would be better to let go of”

The Transitional Era

We have always been accepting change positively — the biggest being Transition from offline to online. But we can never forget the pure joy of running around in the scorching heat. Playing Cricket, Hide and Seek, Police and Thief, and many more such outdoor physical games. We can never forget how our mothers yelled our names loud from the door or window balcony’s to call us home for lunch, especially during vacations. How our parents used to dress us, with funny yet at that time typical haircuts/hairstyles. And how we enjoyed listening to the radio or searching through cassettes to listen to music. When we had no choice but to wait for our favorite song to play. And oh! How can we ever forget the cartoons we laughed and loved watching; Tom and Jerry, Popeye the sailor man, sponge bob square pants, Handyman, Thomas and friends, Noddy, Oswald, Pingu, Flinstones, Scooby-Doo, Looney Tunes, Dexter. Ah! The list has no end. And as we grew a little older, we were given a basic small phone, where all you could do was call or SMS. But the catch here was, we always had to watch our balance and SMS count; if it ended, we had no option but to wait until the next month.

Then slowly yet quickly, we got succumbed to technological advancements. We turned to use phones with an internet facility and then switched from SMS to chatting apps. We went from using cassettes to downloading music on our phones/MP3 players. We switched from reel cameras to printable cameras and then mobile cameras. We started playing games on the computer and video games with cassettes. So on and so forth.
Nevertheless, we have been fortunate enough to transition into the digital era in the right flow and at the right age. We have enjoyed more than a fair amount of fresh air and outdoor fun. Growing up as we fell down and bruised ourselves, Literally! We can thus say, we have transitioned positively and in the absolute right way.

Lastly, Today’s generation will NEVER know the excitement and struggle when we had to shuffle through the entire music cassette or search through the newspaper for the cartoons tv schedule. Or the pressure to search for your friends hiding in all possible places. The stress if one point of our pen-pencil was misplaced. These and many such were the best memories and lives we have lived, stories that we can share.

Sure, Technology does have its advantages, but the enjoyment of growing up with real toys and not glued to electronic devices is undeniable.

And now that we are all young adults between the ages of 21-30, we can proudly say –



A World Outside The Bubble

Since childhood, we’ve been fed what’s right and what’s not. A picture of the world been painted for us to envision. A path created for us to follow until we’re a certain age. Everything seems just so right and pretty rainbows. And then, it’s that time when we step out on our own into a world outside our bubble. A world that is not quite how we envisioned it to be. Peaceful yet chaotic, crowded yet lonely. A world that’s continuously moving day after day.

When you step into this fancy looking world, you can feel your nerves shaking, you can feel the adrenaline rush through your veins. At times you just blackout. For some life is easy peasy lemon squeezy, as their parents hold their hands and make them walk even then. For most of us, our parents are behind our backs when we stumble, letting us walk the path we want. And for some, they’re left to fend for themselves entirely due to some unfortunate situation. Everyone has a story of their own that is beyond comparison. And while we’re choosing our path and set on our journey, we are faced with numerous decisions: some blind mistakes, some hard lessons, and some bitter-sweet memories.

While some people are forced to grow up early, most of us grow up at an average age as our life unfolds; and some don’t ever grow up. There are days when we’re faced with difficult challenges, and fear surrounds us. We break, we cry, it feels like our whole world is suddenly falling apart. And all we want to do is, crawl back into our bubble and never come out again. But our bubble doesn’t exist anymore, it’s gone, POP! That’s when we understand that we have grown up, and this is how it feels to GROW UP! It’s not always going to be rainbows and butterflies, but also moments of rain and thunderstorm; also sometimes just bright sunshine. This is what the world is outside our cozy bubble, completely opposite of the picture once painted.

“Growing up is an entire process, a Journey, and an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.”

Are You a Jobseeker?

Are you a Job seeker? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. Because we come from a transitional era of improvement and evolution. We spent time out of houses playing in the sun, with real humans and toys to stay caught up at home surrounded by technology. There were those days where people would walk miles just to get to an interview for the Job/Jobs applied for, to now where it is all only at a click of a button. We surely cannot follow those same methodologies of Hunting for that one job, but we definitely can improvise and use the advantages we have at hand now. Filter your Options, select the position, browse the Many Organisations and Opportunities, find an apt designation, and finally Apply. How simple is that, isn’t it? But even after all this, we fail to use the given advantages correctly. While Job Hunt can be challenging to go through in this generation, taking into consideration the competition, it is not that difficult. Keep in mind these few essential steps – update your CV/Resume from time to time, follow the daily job offers open to apply, find the perfect employer/organization, and much more such small yet essential points to remember. In these COVID times, as numerous people have lost their jobs and are back in the job-hunting game, the competition has increased. So Make use of all the sources available to you, all the possible search engines and research you can accumulate.

Job Hunting is undoubtedly a tiresome and time-consuming task, and after applying to numerous jobs and yet not receiving a response, we tend to give up. So here are a few pointers to motivate you and keep you in the job-hunting game.

  1. Stay Persistent People say it isn’t easy to find a job in your city or abroad. But how will you know that until and unless you don’t try? And while you’re at it, don’t forget to remain consistent, and have a positive attitude. Basically, do not Give Up! Listen to all the advice and suggestions, and implement it to improve your chances of getting selected. It’s not about the Number of Connections we make but the number of Positive lessons & Inspiration we gain from them. Because you may have numerous connections, but would learn nothing from them. Whereas you can have a few influencers, who can change your perspective entirely.
  2. It’s all about Opportunities. Nobody is a born Leader/Manager or An Experienced personnel. We All Start from somewhere way down and work our ways up. What you learn throughout your journey and how you implement the lessons is the result of what you end up becoming. But again, to start somewhere, all we need is an Opportunity. Being a Beginner is a task in itself. All the challenges faced, and tests are given, all the rough paths leading to your goal. It’s not easy or smooth, but definitely worth it. And no matter what you do, you always are a Beginner somewhere.
  3. Comfort Zone The most important factor that usually affects our job search is being too comfortable in a particular company or environment. We need to have an open mind and be ready to face the challenges positively. Here are 8 Reasons to Leave your Comfort Zone:
  • It will boost your confidence.
  • You will self-evolve.
  • You will build resilience.
  • Your ego will heal with time.
  • You won’t regret missing a potential opportunity.
  • Nobody is watching you as much as you are.
  • When your brain rewires, it becomes more reliable and more agile.
  • You might discover a new passion.

Everybody is afraid of leaving their comfort zone. Chances are it won’t be as difficult as you might expect. If things haven’t been working for you to date, you have nothing to lose by trying something new. And You can always return to your “zone” if you really don’t like it!

4. Practice what you Preach “Practice what You Preach” A very Famous Proverb that we must adapt to. It usually happens that we suggest our friends/colleagues searching for jobs to remain positive and Keep Trying, but when it comes to ourselves, we tend to give up easily. As a Jobseeker, it is crucial to stay Positive. Because these small things can make a huge difference in your approach. And they are :

• Acceptance of Failure or Rejection.

• Understanding your Flaws.

• Converting Negative Feedbacks into Positive Thoughts.

• Working on Being Better.

And Most Importantly, as most of the influencers say, NEVER GIVE UP and no matter what Be Honest ALWAYS!

“Success, Is like a Game of Chess

It needs Focus, Patience and

 Moves By Small-Steps.

You’ve Got to be entirely in It, to

Win it

Determined to Master it

and Finally, Humble enough to Positively Appreciate It.”

5. Don’t Compare As human beings have the habit of cribbing about even the smallest problem we face. We always compare our lives and situations to the people around us and want to have what they have or do what they’re doing. But what we don’t see is their Struggles behind their Success. “We don’t really know how much one has on their plate, or how sturdy is their plate for real” In Simple layman words. We all need to Acknowledge and Focus on Balancing our own plates, without happening to stumble and fall, dropping your own plate while trying to look into what others have in theirs.

6. Quick Results We as human beings always want Quick results and solutions to our problems. Be it waiting for a job interview response or a situation we’re stuck in. We want to find an easy way out.

  • Stop looking for an easy route or “shortcuts” just to reach faster to your destination of life. You aren’t a vehicle stuck in traffic.
  • Go by the long, tiresome, time
  • Consuming way, even if you fail at the first attempt.

 Why? – Because you will Learn, learn things you didn’t even know about yourself. Grow to understand how others possibly don’t know and see things a different & positive way from before.

  • Quick fixes are the easiest way out, but they’re temporary! Go for a longer fix that completely solves your problem! Be Patient.
  • And again, it all starts from the way you see and think things through! Have a positive and motivating way of seeing things, and even the most challenging task/fix will seem easy! Positive Mindset!

7. Ctrl + Alt + Del We humans are just like the Computer, we have a memory, a processing system and we hang too. Which means at some point of exhaustion or difficulties in decisions, we get stuck also. In such a situation, we can either ReStart or use the three essential keys to manage our tasks, i.e., CTRL + ALT + DEL.

 #Control yourself no matter how difficult the situation gets, especially in anger. Do not rush or be hasty and do anything that you’d regret later. Remember, you cannot change what has happened, but can control how you react to it.

#Alter your thoughts while being calm and practical. Think through things and understand properly the cause or what it actually means. Remember – even tiny alterations can make a big difference to the present as well as the future.

#Delete And most importantly Delete all those Negative thoughts & eliminate anything that brings you negativity. Even if it has to be a toxic person/relation. You don’t need negativity around you. Always Remember – Positive Thoughts lead to brighter minds & future decisions in life’s every aspect.

What you Deserve will Come to you. Yes, it will, not sooner, but later it will Definitely come to you!

8. Difficult Vs. Impossible Even though these two words seem closely related, the two have entirely different meanings. Which we often misunderstand and end up messing things up. How?

– You are stuck in a situation, professionally or personally. The solution to it may involve DIFFICULT resolutions, but it is not IMPOSSIBLE!

What seems to be difficult is never impossible, and giving up on something just because it is difficult, is never the solution.

* Always Remember – Things that seem to be difficult are just hard to achieve, they’re not impossible if you’re really willing to work for it.* It all depends on YOU!

The bubbles you feel when you receive a mail about one of the jobs you’ve applied to, and it turns out you get rejected (whatsoever is the reason). Should you whine about it? Oh, hell, No! Keep looking, searching, and exploring your options. Continue to apply to positions you feel you’re a match for. But the most important thing about being a jobseeker is, Don’t ask for a job and expect immediate results, even plants take time to grow in the meantime work on yourself to be better than yesterday and keep brushing up your skills. Build your own bridges with all your hard work and patience. And if it burns down, re-build it again! But don’t just Stop; keep Pushing Yourself to build it until one day it stands tall and robust — visible proof of your determination & Success.

“The future depends on what you do today.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Work From Home

Okay, so first and foremost if you have a job that is paying you on time especially during a situation like this, then be grateful. There are many people out there who are unfortunate and have lost their jobs either due to staff cut downs or simply because their job profile doesn’t imply working from home. Your office chair is now your couch, the commute is the length of your hallway, and snack-drawer is your entire pantry. A dream we all once imagined. However, these days when we’re all learning how to live with the reality of coronavirus, work-from-home jobs are very much a reality. The concept of Work From Home, even though old, had never been considered much by companies up until this year. With the ongoing crisis, the majority of the companies that can, are turning to adapt the work from home mode permanently. It means, increases in productivity and delivering results from employees. It also means even more stress and pressure on employees. It will get difficult for employees to differ from personal life and work life. And maintaining this balance is quite essential to have a healthy mind and a peaceful lifestyle. Humans are social creatures, and working without seeing anyone can make employees feel cut off. Remote working can also cause anxiety. We do need to move along with the fast-paced city life, advancements, and constant changes, but also need to maintain our sanity in the process. Working from home can be taxing, especially for parents, and the traditional work way is feasible for them to balance their life.

Unfortunately, this is the “New Normal” that we have to get used to sooner or later. Due to these changes, employees have to adjust now also to pay cuts, which has shaken their financial accountings. 

So while you’re cooped up and swamped with work, 

• Make sure to set a time table for yourself. 

• Take timely breaks just like you would in an office environment. 

• Create your daily task list to help you better schedule your day.

Working from home has Pros and Cons. But I would like to focus more on the Pros, as having a positive approach to this situation is the best we can look forward. Few of them are :

1. You are Independent and can stay in your comfy Pajama’s. 

2. Your Travel time to and fro is saved, reducing tiredness. 

3. You save on your energy of traveling in the crowded trains during the peak hours.

4. Working from home means you’ll learn to rely on self-motivation, self-discipline, focus, and concentration.

5. You can get more work done, as long as you don’t get distracted or get lazy. 

6. Your communication will improve, as you have to put your best and convincing words forward. 

The best part, You don’t have to travel during the Rains and worry about road blocks, floods or getting wet. You can enjoy the weather from the comfort of your home, while working. 

Also, a few tips to help you adjust better to this new normal : 

1. Dress professionally when attending a meeting, as it will help boost ideas and creativity. 

2. Be respectful, prompt, and punctual while sending replies to emails. 

3. Regularly check-in with your team/update your manager on the tasks at hand or upcoming.

By entering into a sudden work from home situation with the right mindset, knowing you may be putting in more effort than before – you can do a great job and enjoy the benefits that go along with it.

The END? or This Has to END?

Hello readers, i hope you’re doing well and keeping safe. Today what I’m putting out is just all my observations on the ongoing situations. Being a writer i am supposed to speak up, but i choose what i put out for myself. Because i have always been in some way connected to my content.

With that said, So a month or two back i thought of writing a something known as “Dear Diary” where i was noting down the month wise transitions of living through the ongoing pandemic. But as i reached mid April, i just Stopped! And why i stopped is because, I’m torn. Even though i might not openly talk about it, i am breaking pondering upon what is going on globally. We are supposed to move forward towards the future, but humans are moving backwards, they’re moving in a direction of darkness. People are being slaughtered in the open in the name of racism, domestic violence behind closed doors, animal abuse, people are being beaten up for standing for what’s right. Since when have the broaden minded people or culture become a slave to unnecessary cruelty? Every day i wakeup and A new hurtful news is flashed in my face. I’m seeing famous personalities talk daily on social media about incidents, a loss of yet another life, another name added to the list of brutal murder, another black life lost. Aren’t black people humans? Aren’t women humans? Heck! Even animals are treated like dirt , how can we expect humans treated well. I don’t recognise this world we’re living in anymore. Numerous people are dying due to this chaotic pandemic, and yet humans are out fighting for something that shouldn’t be even fought for! What is it? Will killing make your country look stronger? Why cannot we all just live in peace. I and many like me, dread for just a Normal life. Something that has been long lost in all this chaos. It’s HeartBreaking. How can one stay positive or even look for a bright future when the present is so dark? Why is greed overpowering basic humanity?i mean c’mon, it’s not just Black lives that matter, all lives matter! I’m at the verge of loosing faith in humans, in believing that any good would happen from here on. I see living in fear of losing your life due to some petty communal dispute becoming the new normal. I see the world transiting way back to time, where even all this advanced technology is of absolute no use. Racism is just the beginning of the end. Even if the world might not end for real, we are at the verge of the world ending any day soon. And all because of Human beings and their Greed to overpower others.

And no, it’s not all those who are black are criminals or all those muslims are terrorists. Not all those white folks are right in their actions and not all higher authorities are corrupt. So stop going after the entire crowd and target those who are genuinely at fault, those who have made life a living hell for their entire community!

Stop communal disputes, caste discrimination, racism, war for power. Instead, celebrate love, life, all genders equally. Be grateful for all that you’ve got, be grateful for not being infected with covid. Live in respect, peace and harmony. Because if all of this soon doesn’t stop, the end is definitely Near!

Quarantine Mode 🔛

Who knew that we, humans could be compared to our electronic devices? Where we can conveniently turn on the aeroplane mode on / off and yet use our gadgets? Who knew that a small deadly virus could be a switch to turn humans off all together just in one Click! Who knew that Work from Home & online education would be the new trend? Who knew that animals one day would be free and we would be caged? Temporary yet Caged!

As the quarantine mode has been nationally turned on, people have been appreciating the time off. Appreciating the family time more, while some are making use of this time to learn new things and be productive, others are rejuvenating and relaxing, preparing for the hustle to come forth. Even so, humans are most of all appreciating the Freedom, which was always taken for granted. Quarantine being turned ON is also a sign, that not everything is permanent, changes can happen; that even the smallest thing can make a huge difference in living.

But we cannot be like this for long, this appreciation would continue in the after life of lockdown maybe for a month, two months or heck maybe even a year. And after that? We will return to the normal reckless, chaotic hustle of life we call routine. In the midst of this, we ought to remember that; there is still going to be a switch that can once again turn us all “OFF” in just one click! It might not be the same , but it will be something for sure. The after affects of this is going to have a life changing experience of the new normal. As mentioned above, Turning on the Quarantine mode could be compared to our electronic devices because, even though our routine has been temporarily stopped, life still goes on.

Letter from the Future

Dear Shannon,

It has been a few years now that the world overcomes coronavirus. The fight wasn’t easy and the affects of it remained around for a long time. Living became difficult throughout, jobs insecure and things changed. But today everything is much more than normal, it’s beautiful, everyone appreciate life even more, appreciate the environment even more.

You survived too, growing in the professional aspect of life. Personally in a very happy and committed relationship, which will soon turn into a lifetime bond. The instability brought by the corona wave back then, has made you even more wise and responsible in terms of living life.

So stay strong , the world will get through it soon. A vaccine will be discovered which will change everything. And even though there will be alot of changes coming your way, do not fear. Believe and have faith, for what is to be will be. This major set back has changed humanity and living for the better, and believe me it is Beautiful.

Your Loving Self, From the Future ❤️

The world is a Better Place

The Question is…

The Question is… What and how to go about once this lock down ends? It could be either on the already proposed date, or could be extended too. We have to be mentally prepared for both these situations. Because some day or the other it has to end, and we will have to go back to living our routine lives. But while we prepare to do so, ensure to make adjustments that we learned through this lockdown. Follow the few norms and living patterns and inculcate them on daily basis. The only possible way to avoid what could be the second shockwave of the virus, which in time could affect much more than it did and is doing currently. 

  • Practice social distancing, especially if you’re sick at the slightest or just common cold. 
  • Do not go partying or to large gatherings immediately as the lockdown ends, avoid going to crowded places unnecessarily. Now for a city like Mumbai, our daily commute is a social gathering. I understand we cannot maintain the distance, so do like the Japanese do.
  • Wear the use and throw masks at all times while you travel. It will not only help contain your inbuilt bacterias from spreading but also keep you away from pollution as much as possible. 
  • Go back to our indian patterns of greeting, by joining your hands together and wishing “Namaste” instead of shaking hands. 
  • Use sanitisers as much as possible, especially after you’ve touched some object, after shaking hands or before you’re about to eat. 
  • Avoid touching your face, eyes and always use a handkerchief or sneeze /cough in your elbow not palm of your hands. Cover your mouths. 

And many more such basic points that we are bound to forget once we’re back out drowned in our busy schedules. But we have to remember and follow them as much as possible or we could be affected very badly in large numbers that cannot be contained. Especially for those living in the now high alert wards, or hotspots declared by the government due to the positive cases found, stay even safer and FOLLOW the above points and much more. Keep your interactions at bare minimum and necessary. And remember to always, Spread awareness not Rumours. Along with taking care of ourselves, it is also necessary to look after the earth and nature around us. Take this as our second chance to rectify the mistakes we’ve been doing in terms of environmental damages. Plant more trees, stop littering around, use your own vehicles as less as possible on a daily basis to avoid air and noise pollution. And all the other points the environmentalists have been talking about for years now. It is time to give it a thought and implement it for our own betterment.

Stay Safe, Stay Alert & Stay Informed

Is the Outbreak, Breaking Us?

China : 81K+ 

Italy : 59K+ 

USA : 35K+ 

Spain : 29K+ 

and the Numbers go on as the pandemic spreads through countries. While India is just entering stage 3 with 400+ cases, the fear is spreading as the numbers continue to increase.Even though with the increased cases, the graph has begun to go down, as there are recoveries coming through which is a really good sign. Every day we wake up, turn the news channel on, or receive messages stating details about the spread increasing and new cases adding up to existing one’s. 

Now the times have come where we are stuck at our own homes, scared to even step out. Scared by not the terror of cruel people, world war, or any political issues, but innocent man kind. It seems like we’re reliving The Hitler’s Phase in the modern age all over again. We’re not scared of anything else but our own kind, human beings. The fear of being touched by a simple handshake that could possibly spread the transmission of coronavirus. The situation right now has changed one’s way of living, of seeing life, overnight. We have now realised that all that we had, all that we were chasing; work, lifestyle is all just temporary, where as life and family are permanent. We also realised that all the differences we had with other countries, that created such unpleasant environments between the political rulers and citizens were all just temporary too. Now we all stand united as ONE earth, one Kind, helping each other in any way possible to get through this pandemic. It is shocking to see how, this virus has disrupted the living, the cities that worked and stayed awake 24×7 are now come to a complete standstill. The Covid-19 Has thus been declared as an SOS & Global Issue by the World Health Organisation (WHO). We yet don’t know, how long this is going to take to go away, could be days, weeks or even months. But through this we need to be positive, do all it takes to help make the eradication easier, not only for our selves but everyone around us. We need to respect animals even more, because see the facts, they cannot transmit this little yet deadly disease and are freely roaming around while we are the one’s caged. We also need to LIVE, love our life, be grateful for being alive and for waking up each day to see a new day. In times like these we don’t even know if we would live to see another tomorrow. We need to respect even more those who are working on sanitising the places out and about like trains, buses, streets, while we are sitting in the comfort of our houses. They deserve as much appreciation as those doctors, nurses, emergency staff, who are continuously working on the front lines to deal with affected patients. As Citizens now, it is our due Responsibility, to do all that we are asked to do. The Government of India was forced to take the harsh decision of shutting the states down for our own safety, because it is the only way to control the spread. It is time to get real serious about this issue while we are still just within 500 cases and Pause our lives temporarily, if we want to even have a life Tomorrow! 

Let us Pledge ourselves that as responsible citizens of our country, we will adhere by all the rules and regulations put forth by the government for our health & safety. Let us pledge that we will fight together against the spread by staying indoors and carrying out all the preventive measures correctly. And finally, ask yourself this question – Should we let this Outbreak of Pandemic break us too? 

  • Stay Home, Stay Safe, Avoid Unnecessary Contact with other people and Stop the Spread of Coronavirus • 

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