The Transitional Era

We have always been accepting change positively — the biggest being Transition from offline to online. But we can never forget the pure joy of running around in the scorching heat. Playing Cricket, Hide and Seek, Police and Thief, and many more such outdoor physical games. We can never forget how our mothers yelled our names loud from the door or window balcony’s to call us home for lunch, especially during vacations. How our parents used to dress us, with funny yet at that time typical haircuts/hairstyles. And how we enjoyed listening to the radio or searching through cassettes to listen to music. When we had no choice but to wait for our favorite song to play. And oh! How can we ever forget the cartoons we laughed and loved watching; Tom and Jerry, Popeye the sailor man, sponge bob square pants, Handyman, Thomas and friends, Noddy, Oswald, Pingu, Flinstones, Scooby-Doo, Looney Tunes, Dexter. Ah! The list has no end. And as we grew a little older, we were given a basic small phone, where all you could do was call or SMS. But the catch here was, we always had to watch our balance and SMS count; if it ended, we had no option but to wait until the next month.

Then slowly yet quickly, we got succumbed to technological advancements. We turned to use phones with an internet facility and then switched from SMS to chatting apps. We went from using cassettes to downloading music on our phones/MP3 players. We switched from reel cameras to printable cameras and then mobile cameras. We started playing games on the computer and video games with cassettes. So on and so forth.
Nevertheless, we have been fortunate enough to transition into the digital era in the right flow and at the right age. We have enjoyed more than a fair amount of fresh air and outdoor fun. Growing up as we fell down and bruised ourselves, Literally! We can thus say, we have transitioned positively and in the absolute right way.

Lastly, Today’s generation will NEVER know the excitement and struggle when we had to shuffle through the entire music cassette or search through the newspaper for the cartoons tv schedule. Or the pressure to search for your friends hiding in all possible places. The stress if one point of our pen-pencil was misplaced. These and many such were the best memories and lives we have lived, stories that we can share.

Sure, Technology does have its advantages, but the enjoyment of growing up with real toys and not glued to electronic devices is undeniable.

And now that we are all young adults between the ages of 21-30, we can proudly say –



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