Are You a Jobseeker?

Are you a Job seeker? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. Because we come from a transitional era of improvement and evolution. We spent time out of houses playing in the sun, with real humans and toys to stay caught up at home surrounded by technology. There were those days where people would walk miles just to get to an interview for the Job/Jobs applied for, to now where it is all only at a click of a button. We surely cannot follow those same methodologies of Hunting for that one job, but we definitely can improvise and use the advantages we have at hand now. Filter your Options, select the position, browse the Many Organisations and Opportunities, find an apt designation, and finally Apply. How simple is that, isn’t it? But even after all this, we fail to use the given advantages correctly. While Job Hunt can be challenging to go through in this generation, taking into consideration the competition, it is not that difficult. Keep in mind these few essential steps – update your CV/Resume from time to time, follow the daily job offers open to apply, find the perfect employer/organization, and much more such small yet essential points to remember. In these COVID times, as numerous people have lost their jobs and are back in the job-hunting game, the competition has increased. So Make use of all the sources available to you, all the possible search engines and research you can accumulate.

Job Hunting is undoubtedly a tiresome and time-consuming task, and after applying to numerous jobs and yet not receiving a response, we tend to give up. So here are a few pointers to motivate you and keep you in the job-hunting game.

  1. Stay Persistent People say it isn’t easy to find a job in your city or abroad. But how will you know that until and unless you don’t try? And while you’re at it, don’t forget to remain consistent, and have a positive attitude. Basically, do not Give Up! Listen to all the advice and suggestions, and implement it to improve your chances of getting selected. It’s not about the Number of Connections we make but the number of Positive lessons & Inspiration we gain from them. Because you may have numerous connections, but would learn nothing from them. Whereas you can have a few influencers, who can change your perspective entirely.
  2. It’s all about Opportunities. Nobody is a born Leader/Manager or An Experienced personnel. We All Start from somewhere way down and work our ways up. What you learn throughout your journey and how you implement the lessons is the result of what you end up becoming. But again, to start somewhere, all we need is an Opportunity. Being a Beginner is a task in itself. All the challenges faced, and tests are given, all the rough paths leading to your goal. It’s not easy or smooth, but definitely worth it. And no matter what you do, you always are a Beginner somewhere.
  3. Comfort Zone The most important factor that usually affects our job search is being too comfortable in a particular company or environment. We need to have an open mind and be ready to face the challenges positively. Here are 8 Reasons to Leave your Comfort Zone:
  • It will boost your confidence.
  • You will self-evolve.
  • You will build resilience.
  • Your ego will heal with time.
  • You won’t regret missing a potential opportunity.
  • Nobody is watching you as much as you are.
  • When your brain rewires, it becomes more reliable and more agile.
  • You might discover a new passion.

Everybody is afraid of leaving their comfort zone. Chances are it won’t be as difficult as you might expect. If things haven’t been working for you to date, you have nothing to lose by trying something new. And You can always return to your “zone” if you really don’t like it!

4. Practice what you Preach “Practice what You Preach” A very Famous Proverb that we must adapt to. It usually happens that we suggest our friends/colleagues searching for jobs to remain positive and Keep Trying, but when it comes to ourselves, we tend to give up easily. As a Jobseeker, it is crucial to stay Positive. Because these small things can make a huge difference in your approach. And they are :

• Acceptance of Failure or Rejection.

• Understanding your Flaws.

• Converting Negative Feedbacks into Positive Thoughts.

• Working on Being Better.

And Most Importantly, as most of the influencers say, NEVER GIVE UP and no matter what Be Honest ALWAYS!

“Success, Is like a Game of Chess

It needs Focus, Patience and

 Moves By Small-Steps.

You’ve Got to be entirely in It, to

Win it

Determined to Master it

and Finally, Humble enough to Positively Appreciate It.”

5. Don’t Compare As human beings have the habit of cribbing about even the smallest problem we face. We always compare our lives and situations to the people around us and want to have what they have or do what they’re doing. But what we don’t see is their Struggles behind their Success. “We don’t really know how much one has on their plate, or how sturdy is their plate for real” In Simple layman words. We all need to Acknowledge and Focus on Balancing our own plates, without happening to stumble and fall, dropping your own plate while trying to look into what others have in theirs.

6. Quick Results We as human beings always want Quick results and solutions to our problems. Be it waiting for a job interview response or a situation we’re stuck in. We want to find an easy way out.

  • Stop looking for an easy route or “shortcuts” just to reach faster to your destination of life. You aren’t a vehicle stuck in traffic.
  • Go by the long, tiresome, time
  • Consuming way, even if you fail at the first attempt.

 Why? – Because you will Learn, learn things you didn’t even know about yourself. Grow to understand how others possibly don’t know and see things a different & positive way from before.

  • Quick fixes are the easiest way out, but they’re temporary! Go for a longer fix that completely solves your problem! Be Patient.
  • And again, it all starts from the way you see and think things through! Have a positive and motivating way of seeing things, and even the most challenging task/fix will seem easy! Positive Mindset!

7. Ctrl + Alt + Del We humans are just like the Computer, we have a memory, a processing system and we hang too. Which means at some point of exhaustion or difficulties in decisions, we get stuck also. In such a situation, we can either ReStart or use the three essential keys to manage our tasks, i.e., CTRL + ALT + DEL.

 #Control yourself no matter how difficult the situation gets, especially in anger. Do not rush or be hasty and do anything that you’d regret later. Remember, you cannot change what has happened, but can control how you react to it.

#Alter your thoughts while being calm and practical. Think through things and understand properly the cause or what it actually means. Remember – even tiny alterations can make a big difference to the present as well as the future.

#Delete And most importantly Delete all those Negative thoughts & eliminate anything that brings you negativity. Even if it has to be a toxic person/relation. You don’t need negativity around you. Always Remember – Positive Thoughts lead to brighter minds & future decisions in life’s every aspect.

What you Deserve will Come to you. Yes, it will, not sooner, but later it will Definitely come to you!

8. Difficult Vs. Impossible Even though these two words seem closely related, the two have entirely different meanings. Which we often misunderstand and end up messing things up. How?

– You are stuck in a situation, professionally or personally. The solution to it may involve DIFFICULT resolutions, but it is not IMPOSSIBLE!

What seems to be difficult is never impossible, and giving up on something just because it is difficult, is never the solution.

* Always Remember – Things that seem to be difficult are just hard to achieve, they’re not impossible if you’re really willing to work for it.* It all depends on YOU!

The bubbles you feel when you receive a mail about one of the jobs you’ve applied to, and it turns out you get rejected (whatsoever is the reason). Should you whine about it? Oh, hell, No! Keep looking, searching, and exploring your options. Continue to apply to positions you feel you’re a match for. But the most important thing about being a jobseeker is, Don’t ask for a job and expect immediate results, even plants take time to grow in the meantime work on yourself to be better than yesterday and keep brushing up your skills. Build your own bridges with all your hard work and patience. And if it burns down, re-build it again! But don’t just Stop; keep Pushing Yourself to build it until one day it stands tall and robust — visible proof of your determination & Success.

“The future depends on what you do today.”

Mahatma Gandhi

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