Letter from the Future

Dear Shannon,

It has been a few years now that the world overcomes coronavirus. The fight wasn’t easy and the affects of it remained around for a long time. Living became difficult throughout, jobs insecure and things changed. But today everything is much more than normal, it’s beautiful, everyone appreciate life even more, appreciate the environment even more.

You survived too, growing in the professional aspect of life. Personally in a very happy and committed relationship, which will soon turn into a lifetime bond. The instability brought by the corona wave back then, has made you even more wise and responsible in terms of living life.

So stay strong , the world will get through it soon. A vaccine will be discovered which will change everything. And even though there will be alot of changes coming your way, do not fear. Believe and have faith, for what is to be will be. This major set back has changed humanity and living for the better, and believe me it is Beautiful.

Your Loving Self, From the Future ❤️

The world is a Better Place

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